At a glance

Rear loading accessible parking bay    Two
Accessible parking bay Four
Parking (within 200m) Yes
Level access entrance Yes
Entry Open Plan
Direct access to reception Yes
Accessible toilets Eleven
Ramp access to pools Yes


We have six accessible parking bays for guests holding a current Australian Disability Permit:
  • There are four accessible parking bays in the main carpark which have no time limit. Guests can access the centre via the zig-zag walkway, which is compliant to AS1428.1 and suitable for wheelchair users. Recent upgrades include concrete infills at corners to improve ease of access.
  • There are two parallel accessible on-street parking bays directly outside the centre's main entrance, with 15-minute time limited signage for pick-up and drop-off. These bays are suitable for rear loading vehicles and maxi taxis.


The entrance to the centre is flat and accessible for walking frames, wheelchairs and motorised mobility devices.

Toilets, Changerooms and Showers

Toilets and changerooms can be found in three places throughout the facility:

  • The green walls to the left of the entry gates, within the 25 metre indoor heated pool area,
  • The green walls to the right of the entrance gates, close to the splash park and gym.
  • The timber quadrangle area opposite the 50m outdoor pool, close to the function room and waterslides.

Pool Access

  • Access to the 25 metre indoor heated pool is via a wheelchair accessible ramp, stairs or ladder.
  • Access to the 50 metre outdoor pool is via a wheelchair accessible ramp or ladders.
  • All ladders and stairs have hand railings.

Specialist Equipment

  • Two Pelican pool and wet area wheelchairs, including a childrens insert.
  • A Pelican pool hoist is available in the 25m metre pool, which can be used with slings or our wheelchairs.
  • The hoist can be moved to the 50 metre outdoor pool. We ask for two hours notice to move this between the pools.

Function Room

The function room is situated at ground level, with flat access and a double door entry for accessiblity.


Our café is flat with an accessible seating area. Seating and table arrangements can be changed for accessibility.

Additional information

  • Carers Cards and Companion Cards are accepted at Gympie ARC. Please have these ready to show our friendly team as you enter.
  • Gympie ARC is proud to be affiliated with Cérge - your digital concierge to help deliver access and promote inclusion. To find out more and to see our Access and Inclusion page, click the link below:

Changes to Aquatic Recreation Centre Disability Parking

2 April 2024

Gympie Regional Council has recently made changes to the parking arrangements for people with disabilities at the Gympie Aquatic Recreation Centre in order to address issues with very high usage of these parking facilities.

Two (2) additional marked accessible parking bays have been added to the main carpark, making a total of four (4) bays available for customers holding current Australian Disability Parking permits. These parking bays have no time limit.

The zig-zag pathway up to the front entry has now been signed more clearly as an access pathway for people using mobility aids or who have difficulty using the main walkway. This pathway is much less steep than the main walkway, is constructed to a 5% grade, is compliant with AS1428.1, and suitable for wheelchair users. Extra concrete infills were installed to make the journey easier and this pathway is now cleaned more regularly to improve its usability.

The two (2) designated parallel on-street accessible parking bays on Tozer Park Road, now have 15-minute time-limited signage to encourage customer drop off and pick up close to the front entry. You can use your Australian Disability Parking permits permit to park for up to 30-minutes in these bays. This is because Australian Disability Parking permits allow you to park for free at any on-street parking in local government regulated parking areas for up to 30-minutes when the time limit shown on a sign is less than this. This should enable more people to benefit from these parking facilities.

There are exceptions for customers who require the use of one of these on-street parking bays for longer than 30-minutes. Please refer to the examples below:

Example 1: As the permit holder you are also the driver of the vehicle and cannot park elsewhere for the duration of your visit. Please advise the friendly staff at the Gympie Aquatic Recreation Centre of your vehicle registration, make and model, and your need for longer use of these bays. You will not be penalised if this criterion is met.

Example 2: As the permit holder you cannot be left alone while the driver moves the vehicle after dropping you off. Please advise the friendly staff at the Gympie Aquatic Recreation Centre of the vehicle registration, make and model, and your need for longer use of these bays. You will not be penalised if this criterion is met.

To avoid a $619 fine your current Australian Disability Parking permit must be clearly displayed when in use. Please do not attempt to squeeze a third vehicle into one of the two parallel on-street parking bays if two vehicles are already occupying the bays. This can prevent rear loading vehicles from accessing rear hoists and impedes access to vehicles for permit holders and maxi taxis.

For further information please contact Gympie Regional Council or the Access Advisory Committee – Gympie Region at

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